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World's Fair/General Foods

Date: 01-20-2006
By: peterhammill

In one of the Limelight shows, Jean talks about the General Foods arches that were found around the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965. I believe they displayed news headlines of the day. Light bulbs would scroll across a black background. Anyway.... Jean made some sort of joke in which he linked the General Foods arches with Wheaties breakfast cereal. Wheaties was and is made by General Mills, so there wasn't really any connection between the two. He mentioned the wrong company. At the time he made the joke, I wonder if he knew that it was General Mills and not General Foods who made the cereal. Was he hoping the audience was not as well informed about such things and he could get away with the gag because nobody would know the difference? Both are food companies with the name "General." Or did he make a mistake and really believed that General Foods made Wheaties? Mr. Shepherd seemed much more aware of pop culture than others of the time, so I think he knew who made Wheaties. I'm guessing he was hoping the audience wouldn't know. Do you go for the joke and hope nobody notices? You risk ending up with egg on your face if you don't pull it off in front of the audience. Any ideas on this? larry miller 15