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It Didn't Start at WOR

Date: 12-07-2005
By: jmosbrook

As a person who discovered Shep in 1952, I am disappointed that very little has been remembered (even in Bergmann's book) about his broadcasts before he went to WOR. Sure, I realize that New Yorkers believe New York is the center of the universe and anything west of Hackensack is somehow only slightly civilized. But, the fact of the matter is that he was doing very much the same sort of broadcast on KYW in Philadelphia and WLW in Cincinnati long before he got to WOR. I remember going to the Town Room of the Penn Sheraton Hotel at 36th and Chestnut in Philadelphia to see and hear Shep's late night show on KYW (where about a decade later I became the news director). There is a photo at If I am not mistaken, that is my head (the one with the big ears) in the lower center of the photo. So far, I have discovered on the internet recordings of only two pre-WOR broadcasts. Are there any others available? 12