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Talkers TV Show

Date: 01-15-2011
By: silentshep

I was going through some shows and listened to Shepherd on WPIX NYC Ch 11 TV show called 'Talkers'. After a station break he says it is a 5 nights a week show and gives a number for tickets. Has the regular music intro. Live audience that is able to ask questions[apparently close up] and also call in folks including the nutjobs. He related some short stories to the questions and has the same nervious laughter associated with his Limelight shows. This audio show is dated 8-30-74 and he mentions that he will be at Carnegie Hall Sept 14th[1974]. It is a 27 min audio indicating a half-hour TV show. Does anybody have any history about the TV Show 'Talkers'. Like how long it lasted or other examples. 0