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OK, what are the odds?

Date: 03-25-2009
By: SeattleVet

I was listening to a podcast from the Brass Figlagee - it was the "names" show from 1969. So here we have a show that's 40 years old, from WOR in NYC. I at work in Seattle, listening as Shep read through the list of names and hometowns of people who had sent in a postcard. I'm thinking about skipping the episode, nothing to really hold my interest, but I leave it on - sometimes he does good stuff during the commercials, or there may be something else that I might want to catch. Then I hear my name, and hometown. Followed by a question, "When's your next book coming out?" Then comes my best friend's name, and his comment, "I fly, too" (we were both in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program back then). I back up the file and listen again. Then I remember - I'm this kid, see... I now remember that I did send in a card. And here, some 40 years later and a coast away, I'm listening to this show again. Shep did what, some 40 years or so worth of these radio shows, 5 or 6 nights a week, for one to two hours. And, out of those thousands of shows he did, some relatively small number were recorded and are being put out as podcasts. And here I sit, hearing my name, bringing back a flood of memories of that summer. The summer of the first moon landing; the summer of civil unrest; the summer of political and social awakening for a kid from Westchester County, NY. And here's that kid from NY all grown up and hearing this all again. What a strange feeling! What are the odds? I *am* in shape! Round is a shape. 0