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Identifying a certain program

Date: 12-20-2008
By: spiderman

I recently listened to the two shows dated 04/13/65 titled "1965_04_13_Code_School" (time=40:23) and "1965_04_13_Fred_Allen" (time=20:54). It's obvious that the latter is from 04/13/65 as a portion of " Code School (and meeting Fred Allen)" listed in the database. What's also obvious is that the former can't be the code school portion of that same show. At 40+ minutes, it's a full show & must be from around the same year as there are more commercials than the 1-2 from earlier years (1964 & before). Further, Shep doesn't talk about code school; the show revolves around radio & TV signals, the use of short-wave and CW. A search of the database trying to ID certain portions or references (i.e., Joseph Conrad, reaching a CW operator in Murmansk, having Ch. 4 in Cincinnati taken over by a minor-league baseball game from San Antonio for a spell) or ads (Tijuana Smalls, a PSA by Mayor Lindsey about noise pollution, a NIH drug PSA [w/ Rod Serling, of all people!]) has been feckless thus far... Anyone able to shed light on this will be awarded a brass figlagee with bronze oak leaf palm. At ease, mens... 1