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Date: 10-31-2008
By: spiderman

Thanks to Mr. Clavin for creating this great gallimaufry of all things Shepherd. My old man was a listener in the early 70's when I was a "feckless youth" & I remember meeting Mr. Shepherd at a book signing in Toms River around that time (for IGWT, I believe). I've gotten the bug & have begun collecting all shows I can find. There seem to be some shows listed in the show database (the compendium for making chronological sense of a collection like this) that are duplicates: * "Baseball Fans" from April 1963 is actually a portion of "Imponderables" dated April 9, 1963 * show dated April 23, 1963 (which should be "Date After Army") is actually "Piano Factory Job" from April 23, 1962 * "The Snooper" (file dated 04_xx_63) seems to actually be "Bugging the Neighborhood" from July 29, 1963 * "Cause & Effect" dated April 1963 is most likely "Cause and Effect" from August 15, 1963 * the very recently posted "Mortal Fear" dated August 27, 1963 is the same show as "Where the Beautiful People Play" from August 28, 1963 As I wade through 1964 & beyond, I'll continue to make notes (with your kind indulgence) - if anyone has comments or corrections, please post them. Thanks again for this indispensable site! 40