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Solving the mysteries of air dates

Date: 07-31-2006
By: m10bob

Even though most of the available Shep programs have known air dates, there are still many which are just labelled by subject matter, (which may also be decieving as the same program may have 3 or 4 main subjects.) The site has an excellent feature in the show database which helps to narrow down the dates by listing important info, like the names of engineers at different times. Recently, I obtained an "undated" program called merely "Softball", which I was able to determine is the same as a program called "Midwest Softball", which has a known date, so this riddle was solved (for me any way. Another problem has arisen in that once listening to an undated program, a listener may label a program by which subject he feels is most important. Case in point:I obtained a program which is called "Baseball Cheat", but after listening to it, and hearing at least 2 other topics in the program, I am fairly convinced it is really a program called "Mysterious car happenings+Auto shootout+Sky rocket, which aired on 5-2-73..(Checking by the engineer is difficult here as Shep addresses his engineer "Tony", and later a gent named "Jerry". "Tony" was an engineer who worked with Shep in the Sixties and Seventies, (and may have been more than one person).. "Jerry"?, He too was an engineer and was noted to work on occasion with other engineers, is this he?...... Regarding the "baseball cheating" incident of the labeeled subject, Shep relates an incident he and his dad observed at Commiskey Park in a game between the White Sox and the Yankees, which is mentioned in no other program that I am aware of, so it is an important program. IMHO.. Mr Clavin has an explanation on his site regarding the accuracy (and sometimes inaccuaracies) of certain of the programs subject matter and airdates..I just find it interesting to sift thru the works to look for clues.....[:)] In Hoc Agricula Conc In Est Spittle Louk 4