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General Television Discussion

Date: 05-04-2006
By: diskojoe

I watched two of the videotapes that I received from Schmidco on Shep's TV stuff (a Shepherd Pie's tape & a Jean Shepherd's America tape) & I have some observations to make: 1. Shep look fine in the Shepherd's Pie shows & the early '70s version of JSA (I saw the "Beer" show). There was something about his eyes. However, I don't recognize him at all in the 80's JSA shows. He looked like Hank Williams, Jr. to me. I half expected him to shout out "Are you ready for some football?" The voice was the same, but he looked so different than the earlier shows. 2. Although I'm enjoying Shep's TV shows so far, I really feel that he was more creative in his radio shows. In his radio shows, he did voices, used reverb and other audio tricks which really stimulated the imagination much more than on TV. I think that a general difference between TV & radio. As Stan Freiberg once said "radio is the theatre of the mind" & w/TV, you don't use your imagination because everything is right out there. Having said all that, again, I do enjoy watching Shep & I do wish that these shows are available commercially at least on DVD, especially seeing how much more inferior programming is out there for sale. 3. As I said in a prior post, portions of Shepherd's Pie reminded me of Ernie Kovacs, especially Percy Dovetonsils,especially one segment involving Shep wooing a woman using objects of slop art, which a friend of mine (originally from Jersey) found very funny. Anyway, just a few observations for you to read or cheerfully ignore, six of one or half dozen of another. 1