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First Impressions

Date: 04-03-2006
By: diskojoe

I watched the first two shows of the Shepherd's Pie tape that I purchased from Max (thanks Max!) last night. The impression that I got was that it reminded me a lot of Ernie Kovacs (although Ernie died the year I was born, I did watch him when he was rebroadcast in PBS in the late '70s), not so much in the visuals, which wasn't as inventive as Ernie (but then who was/is?), but the general low-budget znay feeling (you can hear the crew crack up over Shep's comments). It was also funny to see Shep lie about being in the Army during Korea, as well as seeing "The Bear Missed The Train" done live. The quality of the tape is also very good (thanks again Max!). 3